7th Grade

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the Hardy’s 7th grade! We have developed a Google classroom site to find information about teachers, team announcements and major projects.

Click here to access the 7th grade website

Feel free to e-mail individual teachers regarding specific questions about content. If you are interested in setting up a team meeting, please contact Ms. Henry. Otherwise, please direct all Team 7 questions to Ms. Keo. We look forward to working with you this year!   See you next year

7th Grade team

Our Team:


Allen, Gloria 7th Science gloria.allen@dc.gov
Foster, Ali 7th Social Studies ali.foster@dc.gov
Henry, Jann’l 7th, ELA jannl.henry@dc.gov
Porter, Eric 7th, Math eric.porter@dc.gov
Ramble, Renae 7th Reading renae.ramble@dc.gov
Washington, Annette 7th SPED annette.washington@dc.gov


Berne, Judith 6-8th Reading Specialist Judith.berne@dc.gov
Bright, Denise 7-8th Spanish Denise.bright@dc.gov
Brown, Gloria 6-8th Health, 8th P.E. Gloria.brown@dc.gov
Brown, Jamal 6-8th Instrumental Music Jamal.brown@dc.gov
Carpenter-Nickens, Beverly 6-8th Art beverly.carpenter-nickens@dc.gov
Chisholm, Joseph 6-8th Instrumental Music joseph.chisholm@dc.gov
Garner, Carmen 6-8th Art carmen.garner@dc.gov
Monticelli, Chiara 7th Italian chiara.monticelli@gmail.com
Norman, Stephen 6-8th Health and P.E. snorman710@gmail.com
Walker, Alicia 6-8th Computers alicia.walker@dc.gov
Washington, Annette 7th SPED annette.washington@dc.gov
Westray, Leslie 6-8th Strings leslie.wesray@dc.gov