See below course offering forms for rising 7th and 8th grade students.  Please forward responses, comments, and concerns to loren.brody@dc.gov.

7th Grade

8th Grade


All parents please submit your child’s enrollment for the SY12-13 and residency forms as soon as possible.  Copies of the forms can be found in the main office, or downloaded from http://dcps.dc.gov/DCPS/enroll.

Every school year, parents/guardians are required to verify residency for every registering student. The following guidelines provide a comprehensive view of the required documentation for proving residency in the District of Columbia for school year 2012 -2013.
Procedures for the Establishment of Residency
Establish residency by Oct. 5, 2012, or within ten days of the time of initial enrollment, whichever occurs later in the school year.  This verification shall take place no sooner than April 1 of the current school year (April 1, 2012). Provide original documents to the school representative as proof of residency. Schools may request to copy documents for audit purposes.

One of the following itemsindicating name and address will suffice to establish District of Columbia
1. A pay stub with a DC Address and DC tax withholding
2. Supplemental Security Income annual benefits notification
3. Verification Letter and Military Housing Orders; or DEERS Statement
4. An embassy letter
5. Proof of financial assistance from the DC government
6. A tax information authorization waiver form certified by the DC office of Tax and Revenue
7.  Proof that the child is a ward of the District of Columbia, in the form of a Court Order

In the absence of items listed in Option 1, two (2) of the items listedbelow indicating name and address
will suffice as proof of residency in the District of Columbia. The address and name on each submitted
item must be the same.
1. Unexpired DC motor vehicle registration 3.  Unexpired lease or rental agreement with receipt of payment
2. Unexpired DC motor vehicle operator’s permit or their official non-driver identification
3. Unexpired lease or rental agreement with receipt of payment
4. One utility bill (only gas, electric and water bills are acceptable)with receipt of payment

Documents shown on the Residency Verification Form and in these guidelines are acceptable for proving DC residency.
Alternative documentation will only be accepted in the Student Residency Office located at 1200 First St. NE, 9th Floor. Residency status shall be established through the use of satisfactory documentation as provided in requirements (1) or (2) below.  Substitutions will not be accepted at the local school level for any of the documents listed. A full description of residency documents listed below can be found at www.dcps.dc.gov/enroll.

Hardy Middle School Enrollment and Registration Process

All families and students seeking to enroll in Hardy Middle School commit to a well-rounded academic experience including rigorous course offerings in all core academic classes complemented by intensive art offerings in visual art and instrumental music.

Our vision is: The faculty, staff, students, and families of Hardy Middle School will collaborate to meet the needs and develop the strengths, talents, and interests of each individual learner within a supportive community in order to become the highest performing middle school in the District of Columbia. This vision is realized through the following priorities:

  • Providing all students access to rigorous courses and an instructional program that is responsive to their individual needs,
  • Incorporating music and the arts as part of our commitment to the social, emotional, and academic development of students, and
  • Using multiple sources of data to make decisions.

If you are interested in enrolling your child at Hardy Middle School, the process varies depending on whether you are an In-Boundary family or an Out-of-Boundary family pursuant to DC Municipal Regulations, Chapter 21, Amended Section 2106 (December 14, 2005). Hardy Middle School is part of the Out-of-Boundary Lottery for 6th through 8th Grade.

The In-Boundary process is as follows

6th, 7th and 8th Grade

Submit a DCPS Enrollment Form, Residency Verification, and Medical Records Spring 2011 Students entering Hardy from a feeder school are considered In-Boundary. Feeder schools are Eaton, Hyde-Addison, Key, Mann, and Stoddert

The Out-of-Boundary process is as follows:

6th, 7th and 8th Grade
For Out-of-Boundary admission to Hardy Middle School, preference will be given to siblings of current students.

For “out-of-boundary families”, the time-frame for including your student in the on-line out-of-boundary lottery is January 30, 2012 through February 27, 2012. Interested parents should go to the DCPS website for more information on this process.

Submit the DCPS Out-of-Boundary Application between January 30, 2012 and February 27, 2012. We encourage you to check the DCPS website at www.dcps.dc.gov for more information.
Those accepted through the lottery must submit the DCPS Enrollment Form, Residency Verification, and Medical Records within the designated timeline
A waiting list will be maintained throughout the summer